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windows phone

Windows Phone is here! It is a beautiful mobile device and we have apps for that as well!

Scheme Interpreter


Scheme Interpreter

FREE APP: This is a poweful & useful Scheme interpreter for WP7 intended for programmers and techno geeks!  Scheme is one of the dialects of the programming language called Lisp and it was developed at the MIT AI Lab by Guy L. Steele and Gerald Jay Sussman. It is primarily a functional programming language, and it's sytax based on s-expressions which are list-based data structures.

If you are a techno geek, it's a definite "must-have-app" for you, you may really enjoy it! Tell your peeps :)

PS: This app loosely follows R5RS standard. Not fully compatible!

magic glowsticks


magic glowsticks logo

Magic glowsticks app is one of the best thing in your new WP7 phone! Use it in the concerts, parties, or simply at anytime that you want!  It has beautiful sparkle animation, floating stars, and great selection of glowsticks.
* Many glowsticks to choose from
* Awesome sparkle animation (you'll love it!)
* Over 100 floating mini stars to mesmerize you
* Mr Smiley (a nice surprise), it obeys the rules of gravity, and enjoys a good play with kids
* Double tap to show the glowstick selections
* Shake enabled, so keep shaking :) but please be careful, don't drop the phone!

Kids love it! ;)





This app dedicated to all Users Groups!

Lucky Raffle is a simple app for generating lucky numbers between the given range. Specifically designed for user groups' drawing so that they can find their lucky winners easily!

* Customizable range
* Email your drawing results
* Results saved for the next session till you erase them
* Shake enabled (shake to draw a new number)

PS: Trial mode is fully functional, so it's a FREE app for all techno-geeks!




Handy tally counter for all counting purposes: Simple to use with an elegant look and sound effect for your counting needs. In the age of technology, it provides a neat way of counting just like a traditional tally clicker. As an advantage compared to the other tools available, it also provides very useful and convenient small buttons if you have to modify the positive or negative values for the counter individually.

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